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ed pear, cranberry sauce and Spaetzle (handmade noodles), is another regional dish that Bodensee Kitchen serves. The venison did not

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quite cut it for me, but the hearty accompaniment of bouncy, ▓soft egg noodles, which I had never eaten before, won me ov▓er.Bodensee Kitchen does a good job in presenting a wide choice of traditional German fare, an▓d it would be failing in its duty if it did not serve sausages and pork knuckle."To many Ge

rmans, sausages represent a taste of home," Paingt says."Walk into a butchery in Germany and you'll see 50-100 different sausages. Raw, boiled, air-dried, smoked, and so on, and with different spices. Every butcher has his own little se▓cret recipe."Bodensee Kitchen's sausage platter includes

Nuernberger, Frankfurter, cheesekrainer, and engadin sausages, meatloaf, homemade sauerkraut, potato salad, pretzel dumpling and gravy.Paingt talks about the meticulous process of making a classi▓c roast pork knuckle. From start to finish, he says, this dish takes more

  • be bland.Instead we were served pizza wit▓h a paper-thin, crisp, and blistered crust topped with a layer of homemade sour cream and then bacon, oni▓o
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than 36 hours to prepare, including brining for one day, then boiling for about five to six

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hours, until the meat is tender, and ▓roasting until the skin is so crisp▓ that it breaks

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